Soap Me Pretty At Market

Phew, that was a busy week with the Ashbourne Arts & Crafts Fair last Sunday. We are still wrecked and don’t know yet if we are going to continue being marketeers. They are a special crowd these market people. Lovely they are, certainly eccentric and not boring at all. We got an invitation to join a Christmas market in some only-god-knows-where village in Meath (“only a 40 minute ride from Ashbourne… all you need to do is transfer 20 Euros to my bank account and you’re in”), were approached by a photographer who wants to set up some sort of online-registry for local businesses, chatted with the neighbours (knitwear to the right, crafts equipment behind and handmade Christmas ornaments to the left), were catered for with chocolate by the folks with the stall opposite and were given business advice by a lovely older gentleman who paraded the fair while his wife sold the hand-pressed flax seed and hemp oils. We also did some business. Who would’ve thought? 😉

Here are the pictures of our first outing. Until the next time. Maybe somewhere in Meath. In a barn…


Bath Bombing

The heat is on! Just 4 more days until we take our products to market. My place looks a candy factory boiler exploded in there. Bath bombs, soaps, labels everywhere. It doesn’t help that Leo is trying to lick a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid off the floor because he thinks it’s edible caramel powder.

We are having some lovely delights for the market. First and foremost, our soaps. We’ll bring an eclectic mix of lemongrass, espresso, ginger & honey, green tea and oatmeal soaps. There’ll be body butters with lavish amounts of shea, mango and cocoa butter ingredients, grapefruit salt scrub and bath salts. And we’ll bring our problem child. The bath bombs.

We left it to last preparing the bombs because we thought it was going to be a stroll in the park. Well… as per usual we were wrong. Austin built a mad contraption for custom made bath bombs after our snowball maker proved to be inadequate for round bath bombs. So after a lot of hammering and sanding and drilling we went ahead only to find out that our bombs regularly broke straight in the middle (that had the price of the bath bomb go up immediately…). Argh, super frustrating. Only 25 more to go… 😉

Soap Me Pretty Is Going To Market

If anyone thought Soap Me Pretty was taking it easy … far from it. We’ve been busy surviving the Irish heat wave and working on our appearances (well, we also played a little bit with our adorable pup who’s grown up to be a head-strong teenager now).

I am also excited to announce that Soap Me Pretty is going to market. Yeah! We are carrying our products across the road to the small and modest Ashbourne Crafts Fair in the GAA Club. For those of you who want to see us in action – please mark your calendars for Sunday, October 20. We’ll be there from 11am to 6pm.

In other news and relating to appearances: We have the first draft of our logo which will grace the website and our products eventually. Some tweaking is required but Austin has done a really great job. Take a look for yourself.

SMP logo 1All that’s now left to do is find proper wrapping paper, order shabby-chic tags, find jute strings (for the tags), figure out table arrangements and decoration for the crafts fair and yes… make some more great products. Autumn is just around the corner so some spicy fragrances will get us into the mood for – yikes – Christmas! Stay tuned. 🙂