Soap me Pretty is born

It happened when I poured the clotty mess into the mould last night – I am in love!

Unlike Austin who thinks my affection is going to be short lived I am certain it will last. Forever. After all, playing with fragrances, lotions and potions is second nature to all the girls I know. And that’s a fact.

So this is how Soap me Pretty is born. I’ll share my adventures with you on the road to producing the perfect handmade soaps, butters, souffles, cremes, bath bombs and much more. Most of my products will be 100% natural, however, for the sake of keeping mould and micro-bacteria at bay I will use <1% of preservatives in my water-based products. Just to be on the safe side (I figure the occasional McDonald’s burger is on the same risk level as the preservatives I use).

Yeah, I’ll soap myself pretty … and forever young!!!

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