My upcycling outlet

I just love, love, love the stuff that Jay’s upcycling. He really got me into the mood to try it myself. I’ll start with something small. A chair maybe? 🙂


A Special Day

So what does it take to make a wedding really special?

Let me tell you – it’s not the horse-drawn carriage, the Swarovski encrusted wedding bouquet or a 100+ guest ceremony. In case of my friends Anna and Joe it was the little things that made their day so incredibly memorable and heart warming. The ingredients included: friends that helped prepare the garden for an intimate party, family members that cooked the amazing wedding feast, Tuck the cat and Jack the dog, handmade prosecco coulis and delicious wedding favours. Take a look!

Wedding_Anna_Joe_3Wedding_Anna_Joe_1 Wedding_Anna_Joe_2Soap_Wedding_1Soap_Wedding_3 Soap_Wedding_2

Picture credits: (1)-(3) Caroline Mc Nally Photography; (4)-(6) Joseph Carr Photography

Soap Me Pretty Updates

Those of you who have ever so often checked in will have noticed that nothing has happened here since last December. I am so sorry.

I was busy being pregnant and giving birth to my daughter Lily Marie on February 22. Creating soaps and mixing cremes has taken the backseat to shaking milk bottles and mashing purees instead. With Lily now crossing over into the post-6-months age though, I will be returning to making beautiful cosmetics. My friend Faridah came to visit over the weekend and has given me a sample of the oh-so-expensive-and-glamerous Creme de la Mer. It feels great but is very similar to Nivea in texture and smell. I will make it my task till the end of the year to create something similar that’s oh-so-wonderful for the middle aged skin but only a fraction of the price. 🙂 In the meantime, I am posting some pictures of last year’s Christmas fair in Trim as well as Lily.

P1020066 P1020063 P1020062 P1020059 P1020058 P1020057P1020069

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