Bath Time!

All in the interest of product testing it’s been bath time in Ashbourne for the last couple of weeks. 2-3 times a week Austin and I immerse ourselves in homemade bath melts, salts and milk powders (mind, not at the same time 😉 ). It’s not going to take long and we’ll develop gills and webs. Seriously.

As per usual some things are great and work at the first try – some need more refinement. Let me share with you a great recipe I found for bath melts which I have tried out but needed to tweak. Note that if you want to be very posh you can also call them “bath truffles” – I did so a couple of times until Austin called me an ejeet and I decided it was safer using the terminology “melt” instead (if you are unfamiliar with the local tongue “ejeet” is defined by the urban dictionary as: A person of lower intellectual abilities. A fool. Used as a colloquial term in Ireland. 😀 )

Lavender Camomile Bath Melts

  • 50 gr. cocoa butter
  • 50 gr. shea butter
  • 1 table spoon almond oil
  • 1 tea spoon dried lavender buds (taken from my front garden!)
  • 1 tea spoon camomile tea (dry)
  • A couple of drops of lavender essential oil
  • A silicone mould for ice cubes (in my case they are heart shaped)

Putting it together: Grate the cocoa butter and melt over low heat with the shea butter. Once melted add the almond oil, the lavender buds and camomile tea (just cut the tea bag and stir contents in). Add about 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil to the mix last. Get your mould and add a drop of essential oil at the bottom of each form. Spoon mixture in and put into the fridge until solid. I usually leave it in over night.

So this is the original recipe which sounds great, right? When I used it in the bath, however, I was less than impressed with the floating bits and pieces of lavender buds and camomile. Apart from the fact that the buds were sort of scratchy the oils are very heavy and all the floaty bits stick to you like they are glued on. I found myself twisting and turning in bed later like the princess on the pea trying to locate yet another piece of lavender that I had failed to remove previously. Hence, I re-melted all of the bath melts again and strained them through a sieve. Going forward there’ll be no scratchy and annoying solids in my bath melts. Also, I’ll slightly amend the recipe using less cocoa butter and up the amounts of shea butter and almond oil to make the melt a bit “lighter” on the skin. Bath melts go a long way in a bath tub so one (instead of two as used by me) will do for one full bath.

We’ll pack the bath melts into our gift boxes that we’ll bring to the Trim Xmas market on December 8. What else is to be expected there? Bath milk sets! There will be lovely 3 pack (lavender, rose and jasmine) and 4 pack (almond, chocolate, vanilla and caramel) bath milk sets that will make you feel great and smell – to borrow from Jamie Oliver – delish! Sneak preview below.

Bath Milk Lavender

Ooops, we do it again!

Hurray, another market. I know I sounded luke-warm the last time I talked about markets. But it seriously grew on us. So we are going to do it again. 🙂 Rest assured it’s not a barn this time around. Oh no, it’s a posh hotel in Trim. For those of you who haven’t been to Trim yet – please plan a visit for the 8th of December. Stop by the castle first, then go to the Knightsbrook Hotel and have a hot chocolate. On your way out pass the Knightsbrook Christmas Fair and purchase some lovely handmade products for your loved ones. Simples. 😉


Soap Me Pretty At Market

Phew, that was a busy week with the Ashbourne Arts & Crafts Fair last Sunday. We are still wrecked and don’t know yet if we are going to continue being marketeers. They are a special crowd these market people. Lovely they are, certainly eccentric and not boring at all. We got an invitation to join a Christmas market in some only-god-knows-where village in Meath (“only a 40 minute ride from Ashbourne… all you need to do is transfer 20 Euros to my bank account and you’re in”), were approached by a photographer who wants to set up some sort of online-registry for local businesses, chatted with the neighbours (knitwear to the right, crafts equipment behind and handmade Christmas ornaments to the left), were catered for with chocolate by the folks with the stall opposite and were given business advice by a lovely older gentleman who paraded the fair while his wife sold the hand-pressed flax seed and hemp oils. We also did some business. Who would’ve thought? 😉

Here are the pictures of our first outing. Until the next time. Maybe somewhere in Meath. In a barn…