Coffee soap & herbal scrub soap

Some people apparently need a pandemic to pick back up their abandoned hobbies. I am one of those people.

Being locked into the house with little else to do had me take stock of my soap supplies in my utility room. Most of my essential and fragrance oils were still ok. There was also a block of hard cocoa butter that had survived. The softer butters and some liquid oils had gone rancid (not really a surprise after over 6 years of storage I guess).

I had forgotten how much hassle it is to just assemble the tools. Yet, once they were on the kitchen counter it all started to feel familiar. I made the soap with the help of my friend Anna who wanted to learn how to do it. Together, we made a beautiful white loaf of green tea and ginger scented CP soap with dried herbs from her garden. That same evening I also got into the mood for another soap and made a coffee soap with black coffee and espresso fragrance oil. Both loafs are curing right now and will be ready in about 4-6 weeks. Cross fingers because I think my lye had gone off as well so those soaps could very well be super-fatted and not as foamy as they should be.

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